Consolidated Community School Services
    Newberry Alternative High School
    Shan Wood, Instructor and Christine Mouch, Para Pro




    The Newberry Alternative High School is a school of choice for students who find that their local community high school’s program or environment does not meet their needs. We strive to make a difference in the lives of our students by providing a postive, family like, structured learning environment. We help students acquire knowledge, practice effective planning skills, develop effective communication skills and seek community activism opportunities.



    The curriculum utilized at the Alternative school is supplied by the Compass Learning program. This is a online curriculum that is totally alligned with state benchmarks and standards. Students begin each course by taking the course end exam for each unit in the course. If they recieve a passing grade they are able to move on to the next unit. If they do not recieve a passing grade Compass places them into lessons until they are able to pass the quiz for the unit.


    Earning credit

    Students earn a 1/2 credit when they complete the appropriate number of units in a course. They are able to earn credit at their own pace. Students earn regular high school credit and are able to graduate with a high school diploma.


    Graduation requirements

    To qualify for a Michigan Merit Curriculum diploma from CCSS students are required to obtain 16 of the following credits. Class of 2016 students must also earn 2 credits of foreign language. 
    To graduate through CCSS, students must earn one credit through CCSS.
    Mathematics- 4 Credits English Language Arts- 4 Credits
    Algebra I English 9
    Algebra II English 10
    Geometry English 11
    One additional math English 12
    Science- 3 Credits Social Studies- 3 Credits
    Biology .5 Civics / .5 Economics
    Physics or Chemistry US History
    One additional science World History
    Physical Education & Health- 1 Credit Visual, Performing & Applied Arts-1 Credit
    Foreign Language - 2 Credits



    Students are expected to attend their full schedule of classes each day. Daily attendance at school and at the job is crucial to being successful. Excellent attendance is the critical factor in students earning credit and graduating. Medical or other personal appointments should be made for a time when the student is not scheduled for class. If a student is going to miss a class, it is his/her responsibility to call the school at 293-3207 or the CCSS office at 293-3282. Excessive absences will result in the student being dropped for the 9-week marking period. Each student will be allowed 5 absences per 9-week marking period. Students are eligible to earn additional absences by demonstrating exceptional attendance and behavior.


    Behavior guidelines

    RESPECT is the guiding principle at the Newberry Alternative High School. Students are expected to treat each other, staff, and all property with respect at all times.


    Telephone Use

    Students are only allowed to make or receive calls during break or at lunch. Calls during classes will only be allowed in cases of extreme emergencies. The Teachers will determine what constitutes an extreme emergency. Phone calls are limited to three minutes. Cell phones will not be allowed during class time.



    A person stopping in to visit during school hours is disruptive to the learning process. Visitors must be pre-approved by a teacher. Parents and others are encouraged to only stop by during break times.



    There is no smoking or use of tobacco products allowed on school property.


    Class Cancellation

    Cancellation of classes will be broadcast on The Eagle 96.7 FM. When Tahquamenon Area Schools cancels, delays starting, or dismisses classes early, the Newberry Alternative High School will also be cancelled, delayed, or dismissed early. If there is a two-hour delay, class will begin at 10:35 a.m.


    School Calendar

    We follow the Tahquamenon Area Schools’ calendar as much as possible. There are some days this is not possible due to CCSS in-service days.



    Lunch is available through Tahquamenon Area Schools. Lunches will be picked up and brought to the Alternative High School. Students may purchase lunches or are eligible to receive free or reduced lunches if they meet income eligibility.


    Please remember that your success is our goal. If you have any problems, please let us know - possibly we can help. We are here to help you achieve your education goals.